How much does it cost to install Subwoofers and amp in a car?

If you have ever wanted to add some bass to your ride, then you’ve surely considered an aftermarket Subwoofer installation. A lot of people are intimidated by the process because they think it will be tricky and expensive, but that’s not true at all.

It’s actually a very straightforward process that shouldn’t take more than a few hours to complete. In this article, we’ll show you how much it costs to the installation of car subwoofers and an amplifier.

How much does it cost to install Subwoofers and amp in a car?

It can cost anywhere from $100 to $1,000 to install subwoofers and an amplifier in a car. The price will vary depending on the quality of the equipment, the complexity of the installation, and the labor costs.

Why You Should Have a Subwoofer and Amp Installed in Your Car?

Here are a few reasons why you should have these components installed:

  • A subwoofer and amp installation will bring your listening experience to a whole new level. It’ll be like listening to a concert right in your car cabin.
  • You’ll be able to feel the bass, not just hear it. And it’ll go deeper than you ever thought possible.
  • The sound quality is a lot better than what you get out of your car’s factory speakers. The music is not just louder, but clearer, crisper, and punchier.
  •  An aftermarket subwoofer system will give your car dramatically improved bass by utilizing multiple subwoofers. These systems also offer more flexibility because you can adjust the bass levels in your car and can even decide where you want the subwoofers to be located.

How much will you save by installing Subwoofers yourself?

There are three main factors that contribute to the cost of installing an aftermarket car subwoofer system. The first factor is the parts, the second factor is your time, and the third factor is the installation. By installing your own subwoofers and amplifiers in your car, you can save about 50% off the total price of the installation.

You can watch YouTube videos about how to install car subwoofers and any other car audio components that you want to install. Online tutorials are very helpful for those who never installed anything before.

Usually, the time spent to install a car subwoofer will take you 2-3 hours if you are a beginner. If you are very experienced, it might take you only 1 hour.

You can simply pay a visit to any local electronics shop and ask for a free consultation or advice from a professional in this field.

What are some good brands for subs, amps, and speakers to install in your car?

Here are common brand names of speakers, amps and subs:

  • JL Audio
JL Audio Subwoofer
JL Audio Subwoofer
  • Rockford Fosgate
Rockford Fostage Subwoofer
Rockford Fostage Subwoofer
  • BOSS Audio
Boss Audio System
Boss Audio System
  • Alpine
  • Crescendo
  • Arc Audio
  • Pioneer
  • Kenwood
  • Sony
  • Kicker 

A list of all the parts you need to install Subwoofers and an amp in a car

Here is a list of a few things you can need while installing a Subwoofer:

  • Car Subwoofers
  • Subwoofer Enclosure
  • Amplifier
  • Speaker Wire
  • Speaker Terminals
  • RCA Cables
  • RCA/Speaker Connectors
  • Sub Boxes
  • *(Optional) Digital Voltmeter/Oscilloscope
  • Tools
  • Cordless Drill/Screwdriver
  • Drill Bits
  • Tape Measure
  • Wire Strippers

What is the cost of installing Subwoofers and an amp in a Car?

This is going to vary a lot from situation to situation, but you can expect to pay anywhere from $100 to $450 for an aftermarket subwoofer installation.

Some places charge a flat rate for the labor, some places charge by the hour, but either way, you can expect to pay somewhere around $150 to $300 for the installation cost.

The cost of installing subwoofers is not just the price of the equipment. There are other costs involved which you should take into consideration.

Parts$50 – $200

If you’re doing this yourself, then you’re going to need the actual parts for the installation. This price can vary depending on where you buy the parts from and what you’re installing.

Amp Wiring$50 – $100

If you’re using an amplifier, then you’re going to need to get the wiring kit to connect your amp to the head unit. When figuring out what you should pay. For example, you should add the cost of the amp and subwoofer to the cost of the installation.

If you were to buy your own equipment and have to drive it to the installer, then you should also add those costs to the price of installation. You might also have the option to have the installer do the wiring, so factor that in as well.

Final Thoughts!

It’s very important that you are careful when you install a subwoofer in your car. You don’t want to mess up the interior of your car or have to pay a lot of money to fix it.

If you are installing the subwoofer yourself, then it is very important that you follow the instructions that are provided. If you are going to buy the subwoofer, then make sure you check the specifications of the product to make sure it is going to fit your car.

Once you know how much you’re paying, you can make a budget. This will help you to figure out what your total cost of installation is going to be.

The cost of installation is going to depend on a lot of factors but on average, you can expect to pay around $150 to $400 for the installation of a subwoofer and an amplifier.

Do you have any questions about this topic? If so, feel free to ask in the comment section below!